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Case 3-B

I feel that Anheuser Busch used the time of the year to their advantage to get a lot more profit than they normally would. Although I would have made the colors of just the baseball playoff teams that way the underage college students would not think much about trying to get the beer. They did play it smart by not marking anywhere on the cans what school was getting represented, because some of those colors are general colors that run good together. An example is black and gold. I’m surprised to see that Anheuser did drop the promotion with not issue for those schools that requested it.


TARES test

I decided to go with a Gatorade commercial where the two different basketball players on different teams have a different outcome based on how they train with Gatorade. I do think that it might not pass the TARES test. One area where I would not agree with is the equity category because not everyone is on the same level as the professional athletes. The pros work real hard to train as much as they can so that impacts how they perform. Another area is the truthfulness category because the ad shows the pros using Gatorade a lot, even after a game and in training. Well too much of one thing is a bad thing. Using Gatorade too much can hurt your body. The other areas of the TARES test do pass with this ad. The ad shows that the creators of Gatorade do respect the public by showing them if they use the product they can be like the pros. Gatorade is socially acceptable in our lives. By using that product you are not losing any respect.

Here is a link to the commercial

two different photos, two different feelings.

The main difference between the two photos is that this one we can not see the actual face of the man falling to his death, while in the photo from chapter 1 we could see the face of the falling girl. Another difference is this one may have more negative feelings toward it since it was an act of terror on the US.

A similarity between them is that the loved ones of each person knows who is falling. Another similarity is they both can bring up the same kind of controversy. Did the photographers cross any lines when it came to taking the pictures?

I feel that for the picture of the girl falling from the fire the photographer should have used a different photo that resembled what was going on better. For this photo the photographer used a photo of an important cause due to the fact that the buildings got hit and they could not escape any other way. I mean would you rather die a fast and instant death by jumping out a window or have the possibility of dying a slow death after being crushed by a falling building.

My Moral Compass

My moral compass would hands down be my mom. As my life has progressed I have slowly noticed this more. It’s not like she is not moral its just the fact that I have just started to see that from her. She treats everyone the same no matter what the situation is. If she happens to know the person, or if it is just a complete stranger she treats them so kindly with an open heart.

She is a strong person all around. In times of need or trouble she has just prayed to God to help her, and he has provided for her. She is not one to judge you at any point.  She does play by the book when it comes to life.

That will pay off for her when it is time for her to head to heaven she will go out of her way to help you out, even if that means that it will delay something in her life. An example is that when she got in her car accident and her van got totaled instead of her getting a new car she let me get a new one for myself.

Overall my mom is the greatest women that I know in my life. When all is said and done I would never ask for anyone else to be my mom.