two different photos, two different feelings.

The main difference between the two photos is that this one we can not see the actual face of the man falling to his death, while in the photo from chapter 1 we could see the face of the falling girl. Another difference is this one may have more negative feelings toward it since it was an act of terror on the US.

A similarity between them is that the loved ones of each person knows who is falling. Another similarity is they both can bring up the same kind of controversy. Did the photographers cross any lines when it came to taking the pictures?

I feel that for the picture of the girl falling from the fire the photographer should have used a different photo that resembled what was going on better. For this photo the photographer used a photo of an important cause due to the fact that the buildings got hit and they could not escape any other way. I mean would you rather die a fast and instant death by jumping out a window or have the possibility of dying a slow death after being crushed by a falling building.


One response to “two different photos, two different feelings.”

  1. charleneoldham says :

    One could argue that neither photo is very representative of the story it illustrates.

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