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Dramatic Photo

The picture that I picked for this post is one that was taken recently after two suicide bombers blew up a church in Pakistan during the month of September this year. I feel as though this picture could be made public because it does not show a close up of the dead people that are in it. Also it does not show much graphic things, such as a broken off arm or leg.

In the end I think that there is a chance there may be some harm emotionally done by showing this photo.  We have talked about photos giving family members of loved ones that died trama by the photo begin made public. The members and friends of the people killed and portrayed in this photo will not want of have to look back at their loved ones in the form of death.

Death toll from Pakistan church blasts rises to 81

Ad review

The political ad I picked was one on Mitt Romney. It talks about how he is a so called “flip flopper”. They start off by showing a clip of something that he is either for or against, and then it will show him talking up the opposite of what he just said. An example they use is he says he is for abortion, but then in another clip it shows that he is pro-life.

The usefulness of this ad I think is a good one depending on where you stand with politics. If you do not like Romney than you will like this ad, but if you are for Romney you will not find it useful.

The ad is nt sufficient enough for me. I think that it does not go deep enough in each part of the clip. What I mean by that is when he says he is for abortion then goes and says he is pro-life he could very well in one of those clips be talking about whomever he is running against. I feel they cut each part where they did to confuse some people, and to get others mad.

This ad is not trustworthy in my eyes. Someone will not contradict everything he says especially when he or she is trying to win votes of the people to become the president.

The audience of this ad is mainly going to be the people who are undecided about who they will be voting for in the election. Although it could help push someone who is for Romney to turn against him if they think that everything they see is true.

Overall this ad can be a bit confusing if you do not have all of the facts. I for one do not see that it has all of the facts that should be in an ad.

Video response

6.            When they say that revolution will not be televised has been thrown out the window now a days. In our modern world if there is a revolution going on it will get put on the air. Maybe not all the way on the air, but video footage about the revolution will be put on screen to show viewers what is going on in the world.

                The news media can weaken and strengthen a revolution. One way that it may strengthen a revolution is if when coverage gets played on the air maybe it focuses on how bad a leader is of a certain group of people somewhere. Other countries may have need feel to help out that particular palce so they may do what they can to support the country to help get rid of the person in power to get a new good leader.

                On the other hand it can weaken a revolution if people in the world do not agree on why the certain place is going through a revolution. Lets say a place does not like how the government is making new laws. If people in the world do not think that the laws are bad or harmful to the place they will not be supportive so the revolution will not be very successful.


7.            I feel as though the less people in America read printed material the less we gain from it. That can mean the less knowledge we get, the less truth we get from the world, or the less we can intake in our minds. Kids and teens now a days rely to much on the internet and where from the internet they get their information. Facebook is a site where many things can seem like they are true but in actuality they are completely false. 

                People are also reading less and less books today. That is a bad thing because books can increase our knowledge of thing and also improve our critical thinking skills. An example is mystery books can help improve critical thinking by making us solve a case throughout the book. That could help us in our everyday lives.

The internet is an easy way to take something and turn it around. What I mean by that is it is easy to take truth and turn it around into a false statement. An example is if the president says he is for something but against another thing the website YouTube someone can make a video of that and turn it against the president and make it seem like he wants something bad. If we read the same story in an article in a newspaper they people in the newspaper know they can’t lie to how they feel about the topic so they have to give us the straight truth.

The big picture is nto only do we lose knowledge from reading less and less printed material but we also lose truth as well. Truth goes a long way and knowing the truth can stop people from assuming something that is not  truthful one bit.