Ad review

The political ad I picked was one on Mitt Romney. It talks about how he is a so called “flip flopper”. They start off by showing a clip of something that he is either for or against, and then it will show him talking up the opposite of what he just said. An example they use is he says he is for abortion, but then in another clip it shows that he is pro-life.

The usefulness of this ad I think is a good one depending on where you stand with politics. If you do not like Romney than you will like this ad, but if you are for Romney you will not find it useful.

The ad is nt sufficient enough for me. I think that it does not go deep enough in each part of the clip. What I mean by that is when he says he is for abortion then goes and says he is pro-life he could very well in one of those clips be talking about whomever he is running against. I feel they cut each part where they did to confuse some people, and to get others mad.

This ad is not trustworthy in my eyes. Someone will not contradict everything he says especially when he or she is trying to win votes of the people to become the president.

The audience of this ad is mainly going to be the people who are undecided about who they will be voting for in the election. Although it could help push someone who is for Romney to turn against him if they think that everything they see is true.

Overall this ad can be a bit confusing if you do not have all of the facts. I for one do not see that it has all of the facts that should be in an ad.


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